The Role Of The Budget And Purchasing Manager’s Index On The Stock Market

The Role Of The Budget And Purchasing Manager’s Index On The Stock Market

The PMI or the purchasing manager’s index is a useful economic indicator. The value helps to capture the activity of the business across the service and the manufacturing sector. The value is basically an indicator of the change in the business perception with respect to how it was in the last month.

The survey is done for the service as well as the manufacturing sector separately and this is then collated to form a single index. The areas that this survey covers are the new orders, the services, expectations of the business, any input and the employment among the other factors.


A budget is an important event and it discusses how the finance of the country is. The budget is prepared and put forward to the entire country. During the time of the budget, there are major announcements regarding policies made as well as the finance minister focuses on various aspects of the economic reforms. This means that the budget is an important part of the economy of the country.

Budget is a major event and is conducted annually.

Corporate earning

Thestockreacts a lot to the corporate earnings. The companies that are listed and traded on the stock exchange have to mandatorily declare their earnings in each quarter. The company has to give details of the revenue that it has generated, its expense management, taxes and interest charges paid by the firm and the profitability of the company.

Some companies will also declare what they expect will be happening in the next quarter. The earnings will give you an idea of how the economy is doing and how it may do going further. When the company takes out numbers in the quarter and declares what its earnings are then the participants of the market will match the earnings of the business with what their expectations are. The street expectation is basically what the market thinks that the company must have performed.

The stock price, learn source, will react well when the company expectations are better than what the street had expected. If the actual number is lower than what the street had expected then this leads to negative stock movement.

In case what the street had expected and what the numbers come to match, then the stock will trade flat to negative.

It is important that you know these numbers to take your trading decision.