Colorado Craft Beer Show December 8, 2012

The boys were back in studio this week with some very cool guests as well as brew news you can use!

In Hour One we had Shad Chancey and Taylor Wise in from Grossenbart Brewery.

They are in the set up stages for a nanobrewery somewhere in the Boulder or Broomfield area. When we asked them how they have to manage their finances so well, they told us about a trading system that we had never heard of before. We did understand that setting up breweries all over the area, as they had done, was not an easy task. Initially, they did not open up as much as we wanted them to but after a few beers down, we did get the information that we wanted. The boys had been investing in Forex trading systems for a long time. They were aware how setting up new branches would require a lot of money. However, we were not too convinced because we had heard all about the hype around trading systems and how most of them emerge as scams later. The boys helped to convince us that the Crypto Code software was nothing like the ones that crop up like mushrooms. This software has both beginners as well as expert levels. If you have just started trading, you could try the automated mode that helps to place trades and take trade calls. The best part about this system is the fact that withdrawal of profits is highly simplified. When the boys needed money to set up their second nanobrewery, all they had to do was withdraw the money that they had invested initially for trading along with the profits that they had made. What seems unbelievable has been made possible with the help of incredible software such as the Qprofit system. If you need to know more about this system, find out here. Later, after more drinks and fun, we decided to do this together someday and continued our discussion on Grossenbart Brewery.  Grossenbart means big beard or big head in German. Each of their beers named after a beard style. We talked to them about their idea, sampled some of their beers and of course talked beards! You might be surprised on what facial hair name you are sporting! We also of course talked to our Beer Despondent Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery. They have a ton of events this season and some new beers. Plus he once again guaranteed us Breck is staying in Colorado.