Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Women and Craft Beer! Saturday August 10, 2013

Jam packed show as we focused on women and craft beer. Nicol Winkler from the Crafty Ladies, Can Can Girls and the Thirsty German Beer Blog and Steve Kurowski from the Colorado Brewers Guild co hosted with Turk. Morgan Zamora from the Left Hand Brewing Company Ales 4 FemAles also joined us in studio. We had several interviews during the show including Bess Dougherty from Wynkoop Brewing and The Pink Boots Society, Tyra Sutak from the Can Can Girls, Holly Elkins from Colorado Girls Pint Out, Diane Deering Gaston from Women Enjoying Beer and Courtney Cobb from the movie Crafting a Nation. We also rapped with Tebo live from the Winter Park Beer festival.

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