Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Saturday June 15th 2013

This week Argonaut Wine & Liquor’s Daniel Ekker co hosted with Turk. In Hour one we threw out Mobile Canning‘s Brew News You Can Use as well as talked with Kristin and Ryan Scott from Odd 13 Brewing which is set to open at 301 E. Simpson St. in Old Town Lafayette at the beginning of August. They use a superhero theme for their 3 series of beers. They have the Odd Squad, The Legion of Odd and The Sidekicks. Ryan makes some amazing beers including Succubus Belgian Golden Strong and a slightly sour Begian Quad. They run the gamut in styles of beers offered. Was REALLY impressed with their beers. We also talked to Tebo from Breckenridge Brewery about their upcoming 23rd Anniversary Party on July 13th.

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Hour One:


In Hour Two we led off talking with Elysian Brewing’s Dick Cantwell to talk about a book he penned with a lot of help: The Brewers Association’s Guide to Starting Your Own Brewery. This comprehensive guide will help you plan and open a thriving, quality-oriented brewery. It reviews everything that matters, from site selection and branding to regulatory requirements, flooring choices and equipment considerations. Cantwell covers ingredients, financing, business plans, quality assurance, distribution, wastewater, sustainability practices and more, for prospective brewpub and packaging brewery owners alike. Cantwell walks the reader through the planning and execution required to turn craft brewing dreams into reality. This book is an indispensable resource. We then talked with Ali Benetka who was recently named Renegade Brewing Company‘s head brewer. At 24 years old she is the youngest head brewer in the sate. We talked about what she brings to the table and Renegade’s 2 year anniversary bash being held on Saturday June 29th.