Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast at 19th Annual Telluride Blues & Brews 9-15-2012

The Gubna and Turk broadcasted live from the 19th Annual Telluride Blues & Brews Festival in the beautiful San Juan Mountains! Big thanks to Steve Gumble and Bill Kight from SBG Productions for having us out for this truly amazing experience. The whole crew in Telluride was phenomenal!

During the show we talked to Steve Gumble about the history of the Blues & Brews fest! Following up Steve was our man Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery! We closed out the first hour with Cale Vernon from Ouray Brewery!


In hour two we spent the first half hour with Chris Fish and Freddy Bensch. Chris is owner and brewer at Telluride Brewing Company and Freddie is CEO for Sweetwater Brewing Company out of Atlanta, GA.

Chris came across as a very confident and influential man in the industry. While we discussed finances and his hold in the market scenario, we landed up in a debate on whether investing in the Forex market is a good idea. We have always been an apprehensive lot and we could not help but be on the side that was against the idea of giving up your hard-earned money to invest in such a high-risk area. Chris, on the other hand, had led an adventurous life. His life experiences at the brewery have taught him to take calculated risks and he had a counter-point for every reason we gave to not try Forex.

While we were debating, Chris happened to mention a product that we had never heard before. Considering our low levels of interest in Forex, it was needless to mention that we did not know enough. Chris was kind enough to explain what the product and we got our information straight from the source. He was talking about the Crypto Code and how it is gradually becoming the talk of the town. The Crypto Code is a trading system that is built to help people like us. It has a fully automated feature that takes trade calls on its own even if you do not have any experience in this field. By then, we were not being able to contain our excitement. We also talked to Tim Meyers from Strange Brewing Company in this regard. We also sprinkled in a ton of brew news in the show.

We also talked to Tim Myers from Strange Brewing Company! We also sprinkled in a ton of brew news in the show!


The Colorado Craft Beer Show Loves Telluride and the Blues & Brews Festival!