Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 7-14-12 Parry’s Pizzeria & Bar New Belgium Tap Takeover

A great time had by all at Parry’s Pizzeria & Bar‘s New Belgium Brewing Tap Takeover!

In Hour 1 we talked to Parry’s owner and all around workaholic David Parry. We also grabbed Thibault who was live from the Breckenridge Brewfest. We also chatted with Dave Butler from Fermentedly Challenged who was live from the 3rd Annual Beer Bloggers Conference in Indianapolis.

So, how does it feel to be at the Beer Bloggers Conference?” we asked him. “It feels like home! Moreover, whenever I come to Indianapolis, it reminds me of the early days of my career and how I managed with the little amount of money that I used to have”

Things have changed drastically since Dave Butler since his major move to Fermentedly Challenged. It is still a mystery in his circle because this man who could hardly buy beer for himself every day is now a CEO. How did this happen? Where did he get all the money from? Speculations suggest that Dave has been trying his luck at the Forex market and that is where the money has come pouring from. In recent news, he has been trading with the new software, Fintech Ltd. On delving deeper, we realized that this software has been the talk of the town for a while now. Its auto-pilot mode is the most talked about the feature as it lets beginners, as well as experts, make good money. Apparently, you can also customize your account if you want to. The program of this software has been modified in several ways to ensure that the returns are great and the losses are minimized. Does that mean Dave has made all the money by taking high risks at the Forex market? Well, as Dave mentioned in his interview that he has never believed in a comfort zone, it can only be assumed that he is not afraid to take risks and we can very well see how far he has come! Please click the following post if you wish to know more about the Fintech Ltd.

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In Hour 2 we spent a half hour with Matt Jones and Andrew Emerton from New Belgium Brewing. We talked about their sour program, La Folie, their new beer Red Hoptober and some new Lips of Faith to be hitting stores soon. We closed out the show with Parry’s beer stud Greg Brill and GM Melanie Whitcomb. You need to get into Parry’s and check out their constantly rotating 50 tap handles. Their shop in Castle Rock about to go to 50 taps as well!

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