Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 4-6-2013

In Hour One, we were very happy to welcome in Josh and Angie Grenz and Joe and Keri Akers from Verboten Brewing!! They are located at 1550 Taurus Ct in Loveland! Instead of following German Purity laws from the 16th Century, they will throw just about any ingredient into their fine brews. We talked about their story, the beer-scene in Loveland and sampled some of their beers! We also had our weekly chat with Breckenridge Brewery‘s Todd Thibault. He hit on Crazy Mountain having first dibs to buy their current brewhouse at 471 Kalamath and about some events they will be involved in coming up!

Meanwhile here is a look at some of the interesting natural ingredients that you can use while brewing your own brand of beer.

  1. Go Bananas – Adding bananas will predictably give you a fruity or an estery flavor to your brew.
  2. Green Apples – These will give your beer a mixed taste, both sweet and sour, which will be pleasant on your taste buds.
  3. Acidic Fruits – These impart an acidic, sour, and a very citrusy flavor to the brew.
  4. Honey Sweet Honey – Use of honey or any other similar substitutes such as maple syrup or corn syrup will increase the sweetness of the malt.
  5. Old Cheese – This ingredient or similar ones will add to the rancidity of the malt.
  6. Good Old Grains – These will impart a fresh wheatish, grainy, and a nutty flavor to your malt and is the most preferred taste of all times.
  7. Metals – For a more metallic taste such as that of iron, copper, or to get a rustic feel, allow contact with metals during your brewing process.

Apart from the basic ingredients of water, malt, yeast, and hops, you can try out some new variants of beer by adding any one or more of the above-mentioned ingredients or its alternative for an exciting brand of beer.

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In Hour Two we brought in Dan Chacon, Andrew Burton and Daniel Ekker from Argonaut Wine & Liquor. Dan is their beer buyer, Andrew runs the spirits department and Daniel is one of the managers! We talked about shelf space, transparency in what is “craft” beer, Colorado made liquor and much more. We also caught up with Strange Brewing‘s Tim Myers to talk about the on going legal battle they are having with Strange Brew Beer & Wine Making Supplies. We also talked about some new beers he and John are rolling out!