Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 3rd Annual Sourfest at Avery Brewing 6-2-2012

A live road show at Avery Brewing Company for their 3rd Annual Sour Fest.

In Hour 1 we talked with Avery Operations Director Steve Breezley about their new 27 million dollar facility and about all things Avery. We were also joined by Tebo from Breckenridge Brewery who had a big announcement about them moving forward with plans to produce more than 60,ooo barrels and stay in Colorado. We also talked with Chris Rippe from The Rackhouse.

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In Hour 2 we led off talking to Avery Head Brewer Matt “Handtruck” Thrall and Head Barrel Herder Andy “Hollywood” Parker. We talked sours and about their move to the new 96,000 square foot facility. We also talked with Jonathan Shikes from The Westword, Tim Myers from Strange Brewing and Adam Heaton and Don Chapman from Grimm Brothers Brewhouse.

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Want to give a special thanks to Joe and Travis at Avery for taking of us! What a great festival this is!