Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 12-15-2012 Hops & Pie Littlest Big Christmas Beer Fest

We broadcasted from Hops & Pie for their Littlest Big Christmas Beer Fest! Some very fine beers, as always, on tap!

Before getting into the flesh of these fine beers, here is a look at the different types of beers that are available, which you can sip and talk about anything in this world from Crypto CFD Trader to Mars Attacks.


  • Are prepared by fermenting with yeast at cellar temperatures (50-55 degree F)
  • Have full-bodied flavor and aroma of either spices or fruits
  • Have a wide range of tastes including mild, pale, abbey, nutty, or bitter
  • Appear darker in texture
  • Are generally acidic, fruity, and enjoyably bitter


  • Are prepared by storing the concentrate to almost freezing temperatures (close to 0 degree C) for a few months (2-3 months)
  • Are highly carbonated
  • Have a wide range of tastes between the sweetest end to the bitterest end
  • Appear in a range of textures, somewhere between pale yellow to pitch black
  • Are generally refreshing and have a crisp taste, which finishes off smoothly


  • Are prepared by the top-fermentation process
  • Appear dark, mostly black
  • Are not sweet in taste but have a bit of coffee flavor


  • Are prepared by the top-fermenting process
  • Are dark in texture
  • Have a fruity taste


  • Are can either be light-bodied or full-bodied based on preference
  • Are enjoyed by the sweet tooths, as it is usually sweet in taste
  • Appear dark in color
  • Typically have different flavors, which include nutty, toffee, or caramel

In Hour One we kicked things off with some Brew News You Can Use! We then talked to our man Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery! We closed out the hour talking with Hops & Pie’s Drew Watson! We talked to Drew about their upcoming brewing plans and about the barrels he bought and dropped off at 5 different breweries.


In Hour Two we led off with Steve Hastings from Dry Dock Brewing Company and Gary Valliere from Prost Brewing. We talked about Dry Dock’s seasonals and their new production facility as well as about Prost’s very fine German brews. We then talked to Luke Franklin from Upslope Brewing and Derek Strubel from Odell Brewing. Both Upslope and Odell have expansion plans and discussed the new Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout from Odell. We closed out the show talking more with Drew Watson and Illegal Pete’s Virgil Dickerson.