Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 11-16-2013: Kettle & Stone Brewing Company

John and Stacy Turk hosted live from Kettle & Stone Brewing Company! Big thanks to Marty Lettow, Eric Huber, Sanjiv Patel and the whole gang for having us out for an amazing time! Eric had formerly brewed at Mountain Sun and Oskar Blues. He is the man behind Deviant Dale’s. Well it has seriously translated well into their own brewery as they have some amazing beers including 3 totally different IPA’s. They also make their own Ginger Ale. We talked to Eric, Marty and Sanjiv as well as Sam Eubanks from Haystack Hop Farm near Niwot. You can reach him at or (406) 250-7507. Other guests included Steve and Leslie Kaczeus from Bootstrap Brewing, Taylor Wise and Shad Chancey from Grossenbart Brewery which is set to open in Loveland and Matt Armbruster from High Roller. High Roller is the company behind those killer adult size big wheels.

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