Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 10-20-2012

in the studio with us for the whole show was Head Brewer at Upslope Brewing Company Alex Violette and head of Logistics, Linguistics and Statistics at Twisted Pine Brewing Company Justin Tilotta. Upslope won a medal at GABF with their Brown and Twisted Pine also won a couple medals for their Big Shot Espresso Tout and West Bound Braggot! We talked about their medal winners as well as their other staples! We talked brewery expansions, pumpkin beers, GABF, and much more.One of the significant discussions that we had while discussing breweries and expansions was the need to invest in Forex. I can’t deny the fact that I have always been apprehensive about the Forex market. You cannot help but agree that Forex is a high-risk market and there is a huge risk of losing money if you are not experienced enough. However, Alex spoke with a fluidity that was hard to miss. The kind of confidence he exuded made us want to listen to what he had to say. Apparently, the new Crypto CFD trader was an excellent trading system. The inclusion of artificial intelligence in a trading system seemed baffling to us initially but we got the hang of it eventually. When he had first signed-up for the system, he did not have to pay a penny. This was good news since anything that asks for money without registration does not come across as trustworthy. The only thing that is required to be paid is an initial deposit of $250 once your registration is complete. Even before we could raise our eyebrows, we were told that this money was simply meant for investment purposes and we could withdraw it whenever we wanted to. “What if we have a problem and we want solutions for it right away?”I asked. I was told that this system has incredible customer support staff that is there at your beck and call. I was also given a link and was told that if I wanted to know more, I could click here.

Also joining us on the phone was Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery. Jimmy Walker in Breck has some new beers he is working on as well as a potential sour program. We also talked with David Cole from Epic Brewing in Salt Lake City. They broke news about opening a new brewery in Denver in the next year. They also won a medal at GABF with their Utah Sage Saison.

Hour One