Business and Taxes!!!

Business and Taxes!!!

These words are very closely related and are often used in communications. We have heard them several times yet fail to acknowledge and understand them clearly. Don’t we, at least the majority of people?

Yeah!! How many years have moved by, that someone taught about filing taxes and you still don’t remember the process? It happens to all of us, as we just see it as a duty and not a topic that will actually save you in better terms, and gives you privileges.

Well, what is a tax? Read on to know clearly.

Tax is a mandatory component, in every country or state to be paid for the services that we use, levied on all working group of people, business group, and the organizations too.

So, it’s a ‘mandatory’ revenue given to the government authority. But, there is a difference in the way and types of tax collected from different groups of people. Working group of people have a different set of tax, while the own or self-employed have a different set of tax list.

Well, for the business class or group, who has more than 10employees in their organization and have an office to work in, will have a little different set of taxes to pay. Well, read here to know what’s in their list. Different types of tax for a business group of people:


This kind of tax is applicable to all; except for the business that runs in partnership, everybody else needs to pay up this. This is basically to every person who is earning an ‘income’ through various means, in a registered organization.

There are few people who don’t come under this bracket, as they aren’t working in a registered organization. the partnership business holders, should show the income of the partners in business separately and also together.

Self-Employment taxes:

The name is self-explanatory. This is applicable to self-employed people, be it a small organization or the bigger one, where only one person in the owner. Levied on proprietors, members of the limited liability company, on the general partners of a company, and it covers the Medicare taxes too.

Sales tax:

Every business that does business inside and outside the state, will need to pay up this tax and then get remitted. If you are doing business outside the state, you need to pay the state where you are currently working and the state where it was registered. Well, here is another opportunity to earn a decent money and don’t need to pay taxes for it; a tax-free income.