Colorado Craft Brew Show Brewcast Strange Brewing Co. 3rd Anniversary Party 5-18-2013

We broadcasted live from Strange Brewing Company for the culmination of their 3rd Anniversary party and to wrap up American Craft Beer Week. Co owner and head brewer Tim Myers was the guest co host with Turk. We talked about their amazing three years of growth, the wide range of brews they make and the Dr. Strangelove Barleywine which won a bronze medal at last year’s GABF and was just bottled and now on sale in the taproom!

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We also talked to Tebo from Breckenridge Brewery who was in Arizona for the AmeriCAN Canned Craft Beer Fest. Renegade Brewing‘s Laura Vande Zande jumped on to discuss the all new Renegade Publik House. Beer Despondent Mike Nelson gave us the update on his beer travels and we were joined by Harry Smith and Lila Mackey who are opening up Black Sky Brewery at 490 Santa Fe in the Arts District. Harry has brewed at Breckenridge the last 12 years and Lila has been with Strange since the beginning.

Hour One

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 4-6-2013

In Hour One, we were very happy to welcome in Josh and Angie Grenz and Joe and Keri Akers from Verboten Brewing!! They are located at 1550 Taurus Ct in Loveland! Instead of following German Purity laws from the 16th Century, they will throw just about any ingredient into their fine brews. We talked about their story, the beer-scene in Loveland and sampled some of their beers! We also had our weekly chat with Breckenridge Brewery‘s Todd Thibault. He hit on Crazy Mountain having first dibs to buy their current brewhouse at 471 Kalamath and about some events they will be involved in coming up!

Meanwhile here is a look at some of the interesting natural ingredients that you can use while brewing your own brand of beer.

  1. Go Bananas – Adding bananas will predictably give you a fruity or an estery flavor to your brew.
  2. Green Apples – These will give your beer a mixed taste, both sweet and sour, which will be pleasant on your taste buds.
  3. Acidic Fruits – These impart an acidic, sour, and a very citrusy flavor to the brew.
  4. Honey Sweet Honey – Use of honey or any other similar substitutes such as maple syrup or corn syrup will increase the sweetness of the malt.
  5. Old Cheese – This ingredient or similar ones will add to the rancidity of the malt.
  6. Good Old Grains – These will impart a fresh wheatish, grainy, and a nutty flavor to your malt and is the most preferred taste of all times.
  7. Metals – For a more metallic taste such as that of iron, copper, or to get a rustic feel, allow contact with metals during your brewing process.

Apart from the basic ingredients of water, malt, yeast, and hops, you can try out some new variants of beer by adding any one or more of the above-mentioned ingredients or its alternative for an exciting brand of beer.

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In Hour Two we brought in Dan Chacon, Andrew Burton and Daniel Ekker from Argonaut Wine & Liquor. Dan is their beer buyer, Andrew runs the spirits department and Daniel is one of the managers! We talked about shelf space, transparency in what is “craft” beer, Colorado made liquor and much more. We also caught up with Strange Brewing‘s Tim Myers to talk about the on going legal battle they are having with Strange Brew Beer & Wine Making Supplies. We also talked about some new beers he and John are rolling out!

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 3-23-2013

In Hour One we opened up with Mobile Canning’s Brew News You Can Use and then were joined by Sarah and James Howat form Former Future Brewing Company! They are planning on opening shop soon in the Baker neighborhood. They make futuristic interpretations of historical style brews and are doing a great job! Keep an eye on these guys in the near future! They will be at some beer festivals this spring and summer for you to check out! We also chatted with Breckenridge Brewery‘s Todd Thibault about Colorado Craft Beer Week, a collaboration they did, the new brewery digs getting Littleton City approval and much more!

Before proceeding further, here are 10 interesting tips from the past on how to brew the perfect ale in a modern cellar.

  1. The key secret of cooking up an ancient ale is that you have to mix the correct portion of a good altering pale malt.
  2. In case you run out of grains during your brewing process, do not fret. Rather, substitute the remaining volume with a good selection of a pale malt.
  3. To increase the maltiness of the drink and to enhance the way it tastes and feels, add in some crystal malts that are darker in texture.
  4. To bring more color and a more complex mouthfeel, remember to add in chocolate malts or roast malts, based on your taste preference, but in small proportions.
  5. Maintain the adjunct level, as this will alter the complete taste of the drink. Keep the adjunct level equal to or less than 10% of the total grain volume that is used while brewing. Some of the commonly used adjuncts from the past include a maze, molasses, flaked barley, and dark sugar.
  6. For a pleasant yet a stronger alcoholic punch to your drink, do not forget to add in the sugars of the darker variety. Always remember the darker it is, the better it will be.
  7. Maintain very high temperatures during the mashing process. It should be somewhere between 154 to 156 degree F.
  8. To up the bitterness and the overall aroma of the drink, use a very mild hop agent such as the English Fuggles, which is a good choice.
  9. For the fermentation process, you can use any weak yeast to work the magic.
  10. Maintain the correct temperatures while fermenting. It should be between 65 to 70 degree F.

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In Hour Two we chatted with Chef Ian Clark from BRU Handbuilt Ales. He will soon be opening BRU Handbuilt Ales and Eats at 53rd and Arapahoe in Boulder. He is still brewing and bottling out of his garage. He makes some fascinating brews. We also rapped with The Gubna who was in Tuscaloosa Alabama for the Suds of the South Beer Festival.

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast: Hops & Pie Littlest Big Barrel-Aged Beer Fest 3-16-2013

We broadcasted from Hops & Pie for their Littlest Big Beer Fest Barrel- Aged Edition! Maker’s Mark Barrel Aged Odell’s, Great Divide, Oskar Blues, Renegade and River North brews! All 5 of them exceptionally good! We thank everyone who came out and celebrated with us on St. Paddy’s Day!

So what does a Beer Week mean to all of us? The answer is not as complicated as a Bitcoin Code

  • Beer Week is the only time on the planet where a week is spread over for more than 7 days. The events can stretch up to 10 or sometimes even 12 days based on the event schedule.
  • These events are loaded with new and interesting brews, great food, and some lovely music.

In Hour One we led off with Mobile Canning‘s Brew News You Can Use then were joined by Nathaniel and Andrea Miller from Big Choice Brewing Company in Broomfield. They are making some unbelievable beers, canning their Disconnected Red, have some new beers coming down the line and a bevy of events they are involved in for Colorado Craft Beer Week. Their big one-year anniversary is also coming up on May 4th. Steve Kurowski from the Colorado Brewer’s Guild then jumped on to talk about Colorado Craft Beer Week. We also chatted with Breckenridge’s Todd Thibault about their upcoming week events. We closed out the show talking with Andrea Miller and head brewer at Big Choice Zack Coleman!


In Hour Two we led off with Brian O’Connell and Laura Vande Zande from our newest sponsors Renegade Brewing Company! They had an unbelievable Maker’s Mark Barrel-Aged Pumpkin Porter called Cherub Rock on tap! We talked about their CCBW events and about the events that led up to them changing the name of Ryeteous Rye Pale Ale to Redacted. We are so stoked to have these guys on board with us! We then talked to Hops & Pie’s Drew Watson. Pretty soon he will be brewing his own beer there at 39th and Tennyson! We then chatted Odell Brewing with Brian Bjork. They made an unbelievable blend to age in their Makers Mark barrel. They blended their Mountain Standard Black IPA with Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout. It was phenomenal! We closed out the hour with beer journalists Ed Sealover and Eric Gorski. Eric heads up the fabulous First Drafts Beer Blog at the Denver Post. Ed Sealover writes for the Denver Business Journal, is the author of Mountain Brew and the Beer Run Blog. He is also the host of a new Beer Show on TV called Colorado Brews which will it’s pilot episode on Rocky Mountain PBS on April 6th at 9:30 PM.

And in both hours – we passed along as many events for Colorado Craft Beer Week as we could Follow this link to get a full list! CO CRAFT BEER WEEK


Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 2-16-13 Tasty Weasel 4th Anniversary

Big fun at Oskar Blues‘ Tasty Weasel Taproom on Saturday for their 4th Anniversary Party! In Hour One we threw out Brew News You Can Use which included an unbelievable story on theft of rare beers from Avery Brewing. We also talked to Head Weaselette at the Tasty Weasel Shannon McGrath about the day’s festivities. We checked in with Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery as he is in Arizona for the next 10 days for AZ Beer Week. We closed out the hour with former Tasty Weasel Tap Room Manager Garret Frase. He is taking over the CHUBurger just down the road from the brewery on Ken Pratt. They open in 5 weeks and he is currently taking applications for employment.


In Hour Two we talked a little more with Garret Frase about CHUBurger and about Oskar Blues in general. We then had Pat Hartman and Ron Popma on from Mobile Canning. They have been making big news as they are branching out nationally as well as adding several Colorado breweries to their customer base.Such events need a good deal of funding and if the people in question are not prepared for it in advance, it can really spoil the fun. When there is a need to expand your business, the only way out is not yet another loan adding to your debts. There can be other solutions as well as the solution that we are talking about here is investing in the Forex market. Needless to say, it is a long-term plan but if even if you are a beginner, you can reap rewards if you plan beforehand. If you have heard about the Qprofit System, you will know what we are talking about. To continue reading about this software, do visit their official website and find more information that can help. Marty Jones from the Wynkoop was up next as he updated us on the finalists for their Beer Drinker of the Year award which gets handed out next week at the Wynkoop. Chandra Ruiz who runs the Funk’n Wild sour beer club joined us next to talk about her next big meeting on Saturday March 16th at OB Homemades, Liquids and Solids. Troy Casey from AC Golden will be her featured speaker. We closed out the hour talking with Tasty Weasel Manager Shannon McGrath. This show was so good that the police were called. No joke…

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 12-15-2012 Hops & Pie Littlest Big Christmas Beer Fest

We broadcasted from Hops & Pie for their Littlest Big Christmas Beer Fest! Some very fine beers, as always, on tap!

Before getting into the flesh of these fine beers, here is a look at the different types of beers that are available, which you can sip and talk about anything in this world from Crypto CFD Trader to Mars Attacks.


  • Are prepared by fermenting with yeast at cellar temperatures (50-55 degree F)
  • Have full-bodied flavor and aroma of either spices or fruits
  • Have a wide range of tastes including mild, pale, abbey, nutty, or bitter
  • Appear darker in texture
  • Are generally acidic, fruity, and enjoyably bitter


  • Are prepared by storing the concentrate to almost freezing temperatures (close to 0 degree C) for a few months (2-3 months)
  • Are highly carbonated
  • Have a wide range of tastes between the sweetest end to the bitterest end
  • Appear in a range of textures, somewhere between pale yellow to pitch black
  • Are generally refreshing and have a crisp taste, which finishes off smoothly


  • Are prepared by the top-fermentation process
  • Appear dark, mostly black
  • Are not sweet in taste but have a bit of coffee flavor


  • Are prepared by the top-fermenting process
  • Are dark in texture
  • Have a fruity taste


  • Are can either be light-bodied or full-bodied based on preference
  • Are enjoyed by the sweet tooths, as it is usually sweet in taste
  • Appear dark in color
  • Typically have different flavors, which include nutty, toffee, or caramel

In Hour One we kicked things off with some Brew News You Can Use! We then talked to our man Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery! We closed out the hour talking with Hops & Pie’s Drew Watson! We talked to Drew about their upcoming brewing plans and about the barrels he bought and dropped off at 5 different breweries.


In Hour Two we led off with Steve Hastings from Dry Dock Brewing Company and Gary Valliere from Prost Brewing. We talked about Dry Dock’s seasonals and their new production facility as well as about Prost’s very fine German brews. We then talked to Luke Franklin from Upslope Brewing and Derek Strubel from Odell Brewing. Both Upslope and Odell have expansion plans and discussed the new Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout from Odell. We closed out the show talking more with Drew Watson and Illegal Pete’s Virgil Dickerson.

Colorado Craft Beer Show December 8, 2012

The boys were back in studio this week with some very cool guests as well as brew news you can use!

In Hour One we had Shad Chancey and Taylor Wise in from Grossenbart Brewery.

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Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 10-20-2012

in the studio with us for the whole show was Head Brewer at Upslope Brewing Company Alex Violette and head of Logistics, Linguistics and Statistics at Twisted Pine Brewing Company Justin Tilotta. Upslope won a medal at GABF with their Brown and Twisted Pine also won a couple medals for their Big Shot Espresso Tout and West Bound Braggot! We talked about their medal winners as well as their other staples! We talked brewery expansions, pumpkin beers, GABF, and much more.One of the significant discussions that we had while discussing breweries and expansions was the need to invest in Forex. I can’t deny the fact that I have always been apprehensive about the Forex market. You cannot help but agree that Forex is a high-risk market and there is a huge risk of losing money if you are not experienced enough. However, Alex spoke with a fluidity that was hard to miss. The kind of confidence he exuded made us want to listen to what he had to say. Apparently, the new Crypto CFD trader was an excellent trading system. The inclusion of artificial intelligence in a trading system seemed baffling to us initially but we got the hang of it eventually. When he had first signed-up for the system, he did not have to pay a penny. This was good news since anything that asks for money without registration does not come across as trustworthy. The only thing that is required to be paid is an initial deposit of $250 once your registration is complete. Even before we could raise our eyebrows, we were told that this money was simply meant for investment purposes and we could withdraw it whenever we wanted to. “What if we have a problem and we want solutions for it right away?”I asked. I was told that this system has incredible customer support staff that is there at your beck and call. I was also given a link and was told that if I wanted to know more, I could click here.

Also joining us on the phone was Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery. Jimmy Walker in Breck has some new beers he is working on as well as a potential sour program. We also talked with David Cole from Epic Brewing in Salt Lake City. They broke news about opening a new brewery in Denver in the next year. They also won a medal at GABF with their Utah Sage Saison.

Hour One

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 31st Annual Great American Beer Festival 10-13-2012

We were very honored to be the only broadcast crew inside the halls of Great American Beer Festival! As the medal ceremony was wrapping up we had several guests on!

In Hour One we led off with a little scene set from the 31st annual GABF! We were then joined by General Manager at the Publican in Chicago Katie Syracopoulos. We also talked with Adam Trattler from Backcountry Brewery in Frisco. We then were joined by a very overworked Todd Thibault from Breckenridge Brewery. He gave us the lowdown on what it’s like to be involved in dozens of events and having to get beer practically everywhere during GABF week. Just as we were about to sympathize with his plight, he mentioned a new investment plan that he has been trying for a while now. We immediately laid aside all our sympathies and lent him our ears. The American Beer Festival hype could lie low for a while because who wouldn’t want to know about a source of additional money? On much coaxing and cajoling, he finally told us about the Crypto CFD Trader that happens to be a new trading system in the Forex market and is making ripples already. He also gave us a brochure that we wanted to continue reading but the event resumed and we got distracted. We can’t wait to lay our hands on this brand new investment plan!We closed out the hour with John Winter from Lone Tree Brewing Company!


In Hour Two folks started pouring out of the awards ceremony. We announced some of those winners and Andrew Emerton from New Belgium Brewing jumped on. They won two medals! Brewers Association Craft Beer Program Director Julia Herz also joined us to talk about some of the medal winners and about 31 years of GABF! Strange Brewing Company co owner Tim Myers also joined us right after learning they had won a Bronze for their Dr. Strangelove Barleywine! Next up was Andy Brown and Marty Jones from the Wynkoop to talk about their Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout. Our next guests were Brad Lincoln and Gordon Schuck from Funkwerks who grabbed gold medals with their Belgian Style Strong and their Saison. But that was just the beginning, as they also received the Small Brewery of the Year Award! Upslope also won a silver medal in the American Style Brown category and head brewer Alex Violette joined us. We closed out the show with Ska President Dave Thibodeau who was a skunked as far as medals and was a little sour! We love him dearly though!

Colorado Craft Beer Show Brewcast 7-14-12 Parry’s Pizzeria & Bar New Belgium Tap Takeover

A great time had by all at Parry’s Pizzeria & Bar‘s New Belgium Brewing Tap Takeover!

In Hour 1 we talked to Parry’s owner and all around workaholic David Parry. We also grabbed Thibault who was live from the Breckenridge Brewfest. We also chatted with Dave Butler from Fermentedly Challenged who was live from the 3rd Annual Beer Bloggers Conference in Indianapolis.

So, how does it feel to be at the Beer Bloggers Conference?” we asked him. “It feels like home! Moreover, whenever I come to Indianapolis, it reminds me of the early days of my career and how I managed with the little amount of money that I used to have”

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In Hour 2 we spent a half hour with Matt Jones and Andrew Emerton from New Belgium Brewing. We talked about their sour program, La Folie, their new beer Red Hoptober and some new Lips of Faith to be hitting stores soon. We closed out the show with Parry’s beer stud Greg Brill and GM Melanie Whitcomb. You need to get into Parry’s and check out their constantly rotating 50 tap handles. Their shop in Castle Rock about to go to 50 taps as well!

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